The Benefits of Floor Coatings in the Winter

The Benefits of Floor Coatings in the Winter
09 Oct 2019

In Oklahoma, we don’t get the harsh winters like the one’s I used to experience growing up in Minnesota, nonetheless our Oklahoma winter’s still present elements that can damage your concrete garage floor.  It’s important to protect your investment against snow, ice, and salt. These things, over time, can cause significant damage to your floors, leading to cracks and spalling that are costly to repair. The proper floor coatings can protect your concrete floors from the hazards of winter, prolonging the lifespan of your floor.   Here are just a few benefits floor coatings can provide your concrete floors in the winter.

A More Desirable Look

Polyurea Garage floor Coating with Blue Flake
Polyurea Garage floor Coating with Blue Flake

Who wants to spend time in the winter washing concrete floors? Nobody does, but if you neglect your garage floor, all the crud you bring in on the tires of your vehicle will leave your floor looking sullied and drab. Not only will this leave you with more work to do in the spring but it’s just flat out unappealing. There’s also a good possibility that the salt infested slush you bring into your garage will stain your concrete.  Due to the porous nature of concrete this salty concoction is usually more than surface deep and proves difficult to clean.  A high-quality concrete floor coating will be simpler to clean and will maintain a desirable look year round.

Minimize Damage from Salt

Salt damage to garage floor
Salt damage to garage floor

Porous concrete floors in your garage will act much like a sponge soaking in the salt and water your vehicle brings in. If you’re not diligent about cleaning it, it will lead to cracks and other structural problems, costing you more money for repairs in the long run.   It’s impossible to keep salt out of your garage during the winter, but you can protect your concrete from it by adding a durable, protective coating on top, so that it never reaches the concrete.

Shield from Water Damage

Under normal circumstances water isn’t a major issue for concrete, but in the winter,  it can present some serious problems. When the temperature drops all that water that has been dripping off the tire’s seeps into the pores of the concrete and freezes, which then causes it to expand. This can structurally compromise your concrete. Garage floor coatings provide a protective membrane that prevents the water from getting to the surface of your concrete.  In addition, it’s imperative that a qualified installation technician moisture test your concrete prior to installation to determine whether you need a higher level of moisture vapor barrier in your coating.  Failure to do so could lead to issues down the road.

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As you can see, the winter brings some unique challenges to the concrete floors in your garage. Concrete floor coatings from Zone Garage OKC can protect your concrete floors, improve their aesthetic, and ensure that they serve you well no matter what Oklahoma’s weather serves up.

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